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Anyone aiming for a fit and toned body needs the right sport products and fitness accessories. At the Gym Generation online shop, you'll find fitness and sport accessories that will excite every strength athlete. Here, you get everything you need for effective training at home or in the gym.

Why Choose Gym Accessories from Gym Generation?

For successful training, not only the right products are crucial but also their quality. At Gym Generation, we ensure that all our fitness products and accessories meet the highest quality standards. This way, we can ensure that you can train effectively and, above all, safely.

Our range is constantly expanding and updated to offer you the latest trends and innovations in fitness and sport accessories.

Essential Fitness Accessories: What Should Not Be Missing in Your Workout?

Training Gloves

Anyone who trains regularly and intensively knows the problem: sore hands and irritated wrists after a strenuous workout. This obstacle can be easily overcome with fitness gloves or training gloves. They not only protect your palms from rough surfaces and pressure points but also offer the advantage of enhanced grip and better hold, whether during weight training, dumbbell workouts, or exercises on the pull-up bar.

Wrist Wraps

Especially during intensive training with heavy weights, our wrists are often subjected to high stress. This is where wrist wraps come into play. These wrist wraps provide not only the necessary protection but also optimal support to minimize the risk of injury. Wrist wraps are a must-have for every serious athlete, whether in weightlifting, CrossFit, bodybuilding, or other strength sports. They stabilize the wrist, absorb shocks, and reduce the risk of overuse injuries.

Weight Lifting Belts

One of the most important tools, especially when it comes to lifting heavy weights, is the lifting belt, also known as a training belt. A lifting belt not only completes the impressive appearance of an athlete but serves a crucial function: it supports and stabilizes the lower back during intense lifting exercises. This means that the pressure on the lumbar spine is minimized, leading to a safer and more efficient lifting form.

Lifting Straps

Lifting straps, also known as lifting straps, are a key element when it comes to taking your training to the next level. They not only provide improved grip strength but also ensure that the weight does not slip out of your hands during intense pulling exercises. The result? You can lift heavier weights and get the most out of your workout without grip strength being the limiting factor. They are a simple but effective tool that helps you train more safely and reach your fitness goals faster. Invest in lifting straps and experience the difference in your training.

Grip Pads

Another indispensable accessory for your training is grip pads. These handy helpers provide extra grip and protect your hands from blisters and calluses. Grip pads are particularly useful for intensive strength training exercises such as pull-ups, deadlifts, and rowing. They improve grip strength and allow you to lift heavier weights safely without your hands tiring prematurely. With grip pads, you can enhance your training performance and minimize the risk of injury.

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