Report counterfeit products

Counterfeit branded products are a widespread problem that not only affects brand owners but can also deceive consumers and jeopardize their safety. Although it is said that imitation is the highest form of flattery, Gym Generation is firmly against counterfeiting.

Our ultimate goal is to only offer original products online to guarantee our customers the best possible quality. We take the issue of counterfeits extremely seriously and take strict measures to remove counterfeit products from online marketplaces. We also report and warn sellers of counterfeit products worldwide.

If you come across counterfeit products or replicas of our brand online, we ask that you report this to us using our form. Your contribution will help us combat counterfeiting and protect the integrity of our brand.

We assure you that we will process every case as quickly as possible and thank you for your help. Together we can help rid the internet of counterfeiters and preserve the authenticity of branded products.

Thank you for helping us ensure a safe and trustworthy shopping experience for all of our customers.

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