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Zyzz: Bodybuilding Legend and Fitness Pioneer

Zyzz was a famous bodybuilder and fitness influencer who became an internet sensation in the early 2010s. Born as Aziz Sergeyevich Shavershian in Russia, he moved to Australia at the age of nine and developed a passion for fitness and bodybuilding there.

Zyzz became known for his impressive physique and unconventional personality, which garnered him a massive following on social media. He inspired many young individuals around the world to get in shape and boost their self-confidence.

Tragically, Zyzz passed away at the age of only 22 due to a heart attack while on vacation in Thailand. His death deeply affected many of his followers, but his legacy and influence on the fitness community remained unforgettable.

Zyzz was a pioneer in the fitness world, showing many people that with hard work and determination, they could achieve their goals. He also proved that it was possible to build a significant online presence and launch a career in the fitness industry.

picture of zyzz who is posing - aziz shavershianpicture of zyzz who is posing - aziz shavershian

What words did Zyzz always use?

Zyzz had his own distinctive way of expressing himself, characterized by the use of specific keywords and phrases. Here are some of the most common terms he used:

• "Aesthetics": Zyzz placed great emphasis on his appearance, referring to the aesthetic appeal of his physique.

• "Gains": A slang term referring to physical progress and muscle growth.

• "Shredded": A term used to describe a very lean and defined physical condition.

• "You Mirin?": A question often used to ask if someone admires or is envious of one's physical progress.

• "Come at me bro": A challenge or invitation to confront or challenge someone.

• "No Excuses": An expression that emphasizes the attitude of having no excuses and focusing entirely on training.

• "Haters Gonna Hate": An expression used to refer to criticism and negative comments.

• "Zyzz is a Spirit, that took over": With this statement, Zyzz wanted to convey that everyone carries a part of Zyzz within them and that anyone is capable of achieving their goals if they truly believe.

• "Fuaaark": "Fuaark" is a play on the F-word that was used to circumvent automatic censorship on certain online forums. It was a way to say the F-word without triggering the automatic filters. One well-known forum that used such filters was bodybuilding.com, where this phrase gained popularity, especially when the legendary Zyzz began saying it out loud in his YouTube videos.

These expressions were frequently used by Zyzz and his followers, contributing to the creation of a unique

culture and community within the fitness world.

How did Zyzz train to achieve his physique?

Zyzz had a very intense training approach and placed a strong emphasis on progressive overload to improve his physical condition. He frequently trained with heavy weights and made sure to challenge his muscles regularly to make progress.

He also placed great importance on a balanced diet and made sure to consume sufficient protein and nutrients to build and maintain his muscles.

Zyzz was known to incorporate cardio exercises such as endurance runs and interval training to enhance his physical stamina and improve his fat-burning capabilities.

Overall, he was highly disciplined and persistent in his training and nutrition, striving to make consistent progress. This mindset helped him achieve his impressive physique and inspire many people.

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Chestbrah was Zyzz's brother and part of the Aesthetic Crew

Chestbrah was the older brother of the famous fitness influencer Zyzz and a member of the "Aesthetic Crew." Like his brother, Chestbrah was known for his athletic physique and passion for bodybuilding. He inspired many individuals to pursue their physical goals and work hard to achieve their fitness aspirations.

Chestbrah was also active on social media, sharing his fitness journey and progress with his community. Through his enthusiasm and dedication, Chestbrah built a loyal following and served as a role model and source of inspiration for many.

Overall, Chestbrah played a significant role in the fitness community, contributing to making bodybuilding and fitness integral parts of many people's everyday lives.

chestbrah at fibo cologne - brother from zyzzchestbrah at fibo cologne - brother from zyzz

At the FIBO in Cologne (the world's largest fitness expo), we had the privilege of welcoming Chestbrah to our Gym Generation booth and engaging in a conversation with him.

Why did Zyzz inspire so many people?

Zyzz became so popular due to his well-defined physique and unconventional personality. He possessed a confident and rebellious spirit that set him apart from other fitness influencers. Many young individuals could relate to him and were inspired by his motivation and determination in the fitness realm.

Furthermore, he effectively used social media to spread his brand and build a large online community. His regular posts about his training and nutrition, along with his passionate views and entertaining character, attracted a significant number of followers.

Zyzz also made bodybuilding and fitness culture more mainstream, inspiring a new generation of people to take an interest in a healthier lifestyle. His impressive physical condition and positive outlook on life made him a role model for many.

He was a charismatic and remarkable personality who left a lasting impact through his passion and dedication to the world of fitness. His legacy lives on through the numerous individuals he inspired to pursue their fitness goals and lead healthier lives.

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