Collection: Hooded Tank Tops

For athletes who are looking for not only functional but also stylish clothing in the gym or in their free time, our hooded tank tops offer the perfect combination of comfort, functionality and cool style. Inspired by the distinctive look of a boxer, these tank tops add a dynamic touch to every workout.

Made from high quality, lightweight materials, our hooded tank tops guarantee optimal breathability and freedom of movement.

The design of our hooded tank tops combines functionality with a cool, urban look. Not only does the hood provide additional protection from the elements, but it also adds a casual aesthetic that makes a statement both in the gym and during activities outside. With a cut that emphasizes the muscles without being restrictive, these tank tops offer the perfect fit for every body size.

Whether weight lifting, cardio training or active leisure activities, our hooded tank tops are the ideal choice for anyone who values ​​quality, performance and style. Discover the variety of our designs and find the perfect hooded tank top that will not only support your performance in the gym, but also keep you cool and comfortable in your free time.