Collection: Women's fitness accessories

Complete your gym look with the right sports accessories for women

In the fitness area, it is important that you feel comfortable and have the necessary equipment to optimally design the training. This means that you should not do without good accessories to do something good for yourself and your body.

Whether you go to the gym, work out at home or love outdoor activities , the right accessories make all the difference. With us you will find exactly what you need for effective and pleasant training.

In our women's fitness accessories category we offer products such as gym towels, training gloves, booty bands and wrist wraps. These products are suitable for many different sports and can make training easier and better.

The sports towels are particularly important to be able to wipe away the sweat during training. They are light and handy and can be easily stowed in the sports bag. They are made of high quality materials, so they can last a long time even with frequent use.

Training gloves are particularly suitable for sports such as weightlifting or CrossFit to protect hands from injuries and improve training. They are made of breathable material and offer a good fit so that they can be worn comfortably.

Booty bands are a great tool for toning and shaping your legs and butt . They are light and easy to transport, so they are also suitable for training at home. They are available in different strengths to adapt the training to your own needs.

Wrist bandages are particularly suitable for sports such as strength training or tennis to protect and support the wrists. They are made of sturdy material and offer a good fit so that they can be worn comfortably.

But that is not all! Browse through our sportswear range for women and discover other essential items such as sports bras, fitness leggings , sports tops and much more. With our women's fitness accessories you are well equipped and can fully concentrate on your training.