Collection: Silver Jewelry for Men

Our pieces of jewelry are not only known for their high-quality materials, but also for their elaborate designs, which are based on motifs from mythology and antiquity . Each piece of jewelry from Relict is unique and tells a special story.

All of our men's necklaces are made of 925 sterling silver , the highest quality and most popular alloy in jewelry. Each piece is a work of art in itself and makes the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.

Our designs are first hand drawn and then cast into molds using a 3D process, which allows us to ensure that each pendant is unique and produced in limited numbers. All of our jewelry is created, cast and finished in Switzerland. They are then melted in our sterling silver foundry and cast into the appropriate shape to create high quality solid pieces of jewellery.

Depending on the piece of jewelry, the pendants are polished after casting or gilded with 24 carat . Our men's necklaces and pendants are made exclusively of 100% silver and are only gold-plated with real 24 carat.

In contrast, many low-cost suppliers produce their fashion jewelry in China in large quantities using inexpensive materials such as nickel, brass, aluminum or copper. Cheap fashion jewelry is often sold on the Internet that contains questionable ingredients that can trigger severe allergies. Our 925 sterling silver jewelery is particularly suitable for allergy sufferers because it is nickel-free.

We attach great importance to the fact that our jewelery is not only visually appealing, but also durable and robust. Therefore, they are carefully manufactured and finished in Switzerland by experienced artisans.

The packaging of our jewelry is also something special - each piece is delivered in an elegant jewelry box that is perfect for giving as a gift.

We are proud that our pieces of jewelry are not only popular in Switzerland but also internationally. They are the perfect companion for every occasion and give every outfit that certain something.