Stehen Frauen auf Männer mit Muskeln?

Do women like men with muscles?

Do women like muscles? A deep look into female preferences in male body types

The question of whether women like muscles concerns many men. The attractiveness of the male body is a complex topic that is influenced by various factors. In this blog, we will go into detail about which body type women find most attractive and what scientific studies exist on the subject.

The science behind attractiveness: studies and findings

Evolutionary psychology and attractiveness

Evolutionary psychology offers an interesting perspective on why women prefer certain male body types. According to this theory, certain preferences have evolved because they are associated with survival and reproductive advantages. For example, a muscular body signals health, strength, and the ability to provide protection.

Studies on male body types and female preference

A comprehensive study by Dixson et al. (2010) examined women's preferences regarding male body images. The results showed that women tend to rate muscular men as more attractive. This was explained by the perception of strength and health.

Another important factor is the waist-to-hip ratio. A study by Singh (1993) found that women prefer a waist-to-hip ratio of 0.9 in men, which is often associated with a muscular and athletic physique.

The influence of social and cultural context

It is important to note that cultural and social factors influence preferences. A study by Swami et al. (2006) showed that in Western cultures, where the ideal of a muscular body is widespread, women tend to prefer muscular men. In cultures where a muscular body is less emphasized, preferences may be different.

Which body type is preferred?

The muscular type

Many women find muscular men attractive because muscles signal strength, health and assertiveness. This fits with the results of the studies mentioned above. However, there is a limit: Excessive muscle mass can be perceived as unattractive because it can be associated with aggression and narcissism.

The athletic type

The athletic body type, which is defined but not overly muscular, is often considered very attractive. This body type also signals health and fitness, but appears more natural and less extreme than a heavily muscular body.

The slim type

A slim, well-proportioned body is also preferred by many women. This type signals health and a certain level of fitness, without the extreme characteristics of muscle mass. Slim men are often perceived as agile and youthful.

The average guy

Interestingly, there are also many women who prefer an average, less muscular body type. Such a body can signal approachability and comfort and appear less intimidating. Studies have shown that a man's personality and confidence are often more important than his physique.

What is really important?

Self-confidence and personality

While the physical aspect plays a role, confidence and personality are crucial factors in attractiveness. A study by Wade (2000) found that men who are confident and have a sense of humor are often perceived as more attractive, regardless of their body type.

Health and care

A healthy lifestyle, which is reflected in a well-groomed appearance, is more important to many women than pure muscle mass. Grooming, good hygiene and a healthy appearance are signs that a man takes care of himself, which is perceived as attractive.


Finally, authenticity is an important factor. Women often prefer men who stay true to themselves and don't try to be someone else. An authentic demeanor can be very attractive, regardless of body type.


There is no general answer to the question of whether women like muscles. Studies show that many women find muscular men attractive, but numerous other factors play a role. An athletic or slim physique can be just as appealing, and confidence, personality and authenticity are often more important for attractiveness.

Overall, it is important that men feel comfortable in their bodies and exude a healthy self-confidence. A good balance of physical fitness, health and authentic appearance seems to be the key to being perceived as attractive.

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